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Jay's Furnace and Duct Cleaning
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Serving the Kamloops & BC area for over 15 years.
Furnace and Duct Cleaning.

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Jay's Furnace and Duct Cleaning
Kitchen & Exhaust Cleaning

Call today for a free quote | Kamloops Commercial Kitchen & Exhaust Cleaning. Protect your home & family.

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Jay's Furnance and Duct Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning & degreasing Systems | Duct Cleaning | Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning | Grease Containment Systems | Access Panels | Grease Filters | Fan Belts | Fan Hing Kits.

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Jay's Furnance and Duct Cleaning

Commercial HVAC Cleaning
Restaurants,Offices,Schools, Hospital’s,Day Cares you name it we clean it.
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Deodorizer-Sanitizer for your Home & Office

Clean, sanitize, deodorize.
We do it all. We use Earth friendly products.

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Jays Furnace and Duct Cleaning

can get the dust out. Our truck mounted system has powerful suction backed up by 200 psi high pressure air blowing. Our system will not push your duct work apart like we have seen done with other duct cleaning tools.

Jays Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

can handle your greasiest kitchen exhaust system. We are Phil Alkand and NFPA 96 certified. We can keep your kitchen clean and help control fire hazards. Fast friendly service.

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About Us

Jay's Furnace and Duct Cleaning Kamloops and areas
Call or Text today for a free quote.

Nobody does it better than Jay's Furnace & Duct Cleaning in Kamloops Area as well as Kelowna. We've been serving Kamloops and area for over 15 years.

Ensure your air filters, ducts and furnace are cleaned out to rid yourself of these issues. We can provide a wide range of cleaning services for the HVAC components in your home. You do not have to do the cleaning yourself. We focus on specialized cleaning treatments to remove pollutants and dust from the insides of these systems. Call us to find out how you can get an estimate on having healthier air today!

Group and senior discounts available. Open 24/7